Award-winning membership platform for female entrepreneurs of colour.

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Brands of Colour is an award-winning membership platform. The vision is simple. Female entrepreneurs of colour united as one because together we thrive.


Founder Danielle McDonald, The Clarity Architect is dedicated to showcasing and promoting brands that are owned by individuals who have been blessed to walk the earth in a beautiful array of shades.

What goes on behind the scenes is what makes Brands of Colour special and unique. With a team of incredible entrepreneur experts and trainers, we are committed to helping female entrepreneurs of colour to grow, expand their reach and build bigger and better brands that make a mark in the marketplace. This is achieved through monthly exclusive webinars, Q&A’s, group mastermind calls, masterclasses and so much more. This is at the heart and core of Brands of Colour.

In December 2016 Brands of Colour won an award for The Best Entrepreneurial Business, and that nomination came within our three first months! With 32 brands onboard, 14 experts, and 5 trainers, we are on a journey to create and instil solution focused, and results driven change within our community.

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