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Marjani Beauty

Beauty & Cosmetic e-Commerce Site for Women of Color Washington, D.C., DC, United States

The Marjani Story

Marjani Beauty Company is a beauty and cosmetics retailer for women of color with a curated selection of beauty products from across the globe. This company was borne from the desire to create a space and platform where the collective diversity of women of color is celebrated. There is no one size fits all when it comes to women of color and their hair, skin and cosmetic needs. We are constantly breaking the mirrored vanity when it comes to the “ideal standards” of beauty. All the while, majority brands fail to keep up or even attempt to fulfill our diverse needs.

Marjani Beauty is a retail space where women of color can feel confident that every product was made or each service was created with their specific beauty needs in mind. Our curation process first begins with brand partnership identification. We want to build trust with each member one interaction at a time. By only working with brands around the globe that mirror our passion for enhancing the beauty of women of color, we ensure that each product featured or tip given has our members’ specific needs in mind. Our target brand partners are independently owned beauty and cosmetics companies. We will stock some cult favorites and known indie brands, but most importantly, we want to discover hidden gems and work with new brands entering the beauty space who are specifically targeting women of color. Marjani Beauty was borne to be the catalyst to redirect the consumer dollars of women of color to brands that are catering to OUR needs. No longer must we make compromises in our appearance, in cost or in quality in support of mainstream cosmetic companies.

The Marjani Mission

To create a retail experience for women of color where beauty and cosmetic products are accessible to all, no matter the shade, hair texture, age, nationality or geographical location.

To develop an online experience where the distinctive beauty and cosmetic needs of women of color are addressed and discussed.

To partner with brands that highlight the diversity amongst women of color and develop products specific to their needs.

To form a global beauty ecosystem for women of color by connecting the buying power of local consumers to international brands.

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