Personal growth success is one hundred percent personal, it’s a journey only we as individuals can travel. In our commitment to develop ourselves we become better individuals, can run our businesses more efficiently, make informed decisions and contribute to our families, friends and communities positively. Who doesn’t want some of that right?

So if you’re reading this and want to improve the quality of your life that’s where it starts – with you! With that in mind, I want to share five ways you can achieve personal growth success. They relate to some of the adjustments I’ve made to my life so far to develop myself personally and professionally and I’m still working on them.

I hope they will also inspire you on your quest to making your dreams and desires a reality.

1. Glow Goals

One of my most played tracks on Spotify currently is Kanye’s single ‘Glow’. The outspoken rapper hits the nail on the head in the lyrics “watch out for me I’m about to glow”. On the surface the seemingly superficial track featuring Drake not only address their haters but the celebratory song also tackles progression, showcasing the surpassing of goals by their wildest dreams. Kanye’s verses boasts:

“No more 9 to 5, autopilot dri-i-ive Used to work the fries, now we supersi-i-ize We go suit and tie, we gon’ touch the sky-y-y We so certified, we so certifi-i-ied.”

This sums up personal growth success, it’s about pushing yourself to excel to new heights. Growing as a person includes different factors that challenge, stretch and make us feel uncomfortable, but ultimately will bring us closer to the best version of ourselves.

I’ve written down my glow goals and I’m committed to making them happen. How will you get your glow on when it comes to your goals?

2. Health and Fitness

When I found that my energy levels dipped I decided to sign up to the gym. I did this because I wasn’t satisfied with how I felt physically and made the decision to do something about it. I also found the more junk food I ate, I felt sluggish and was prone to sickness so I decided to switch up my whole diet. Not just train right but eat right. At the beginning the struggle was REAL as most things are in the beginning but I found the perseverance to keep going would also help me outside of exercise too.

If I committed to keep going it would be a principle I could apply to all areas of my life. Right now I’m feeling focused, stronger and healthier. I challenge you to try a new routine, class or activity and swap that takeaway for something more balanced. If you’re on point with your fitness already what area of your life could be improved and what steps will you take to make it better?

3. Skills and Learning

There is a saying education doesn’t end at school. Learning is continuous. We are spoilt for choice with the Internet, videos and books. Its important to upgrade your skill-set and develop your talents. At uni I learned a lot about analysis, screenwriting and theory, but now I’m learning about production too. I want to enhance my abilities so I can have a competitive edge in the market and add value to my ventures. Whether you are job hunting or want to set your business apart, enhancing your abilities will make you stand out. How will you advance your skills? With a language, by coding or taking a course? Whatever it is, go deeper, be an authoritative professional and an expert in your field.

4. Morning Routine

How you start your day can impact how your whole day will turn out. I try not to check social media first thing, you can always schedule your posts. Instead, I read and meditate over a daily devotional I subscribe to called Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals. These are really encouraging and help me to focus on being thankful and turning my day over in prayer. So I can face the day in confidence. Also on my commute I listen to upbeat music, praise or motivational speeches. It also helps that I have likeminded friends that share their uplifting broadcasts as well. How do you start your day and do you have friends that can hold you accountable?

5. Money Talks

Another thing I really want to get in check this year is being disciplined with my finances. This is really important to me. I’ve found that eating out all the time and impulse spending is not a great habit to have. So along with my fitness routine I plan and meal prep my food for the week, which saves a ton. If I don’t, that’s a least £6 a day on lunch alone which could go towards something more useful. Don’t get me wrong its good to treat yourself every once in a while, but I have learned to prioritise, budget and set funds aside more which may be a sacrifice now but will pay off later.

On a final note, to achieve personal growth success, surround yourself with people that will support you and not criticise your desire to upgrade your life! Write down your “glow goals” and get ready to get your shine on. Not just for summer or for a new year but for yourself. Until then keep that chorus on repeat …”Watch out for me I’m about to glow.”

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Linda is a Writer, Entrepreneur, Events Planner and Marketing professional with a global mindset. She has 10 years of experience in marketing and media working for the likes of ITV, Sky Time out and Dow Jones. She Founded TNBT Media – an inspirational platform to encourage people to help make their dreams a reality through inspiring talks, panels and digital content. As a savvy events planner she has organised conferences and award shows in London, Boston and Chicago, which recognise women in male dominated industries. Linda studied Journalism in her first degree and more recently completed an MA in Film and Television studies at Westminster. University. As a result she is committed to bringing her media knowledge and creative expertise to help others achieve success and create positive and empowering media.


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