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Uniting women of colour in entrepreneurship to step up, step out and own it.


Brands of Colour is the leading and award-winning membership platform committed to helping female entrepreneurs of colour to step up, step out, own it and become more business savvy. We act as the cornerstone for women by helping them build the foundations for a better business.

Joining us as a member gives you access to experts, trainers, mentorship and likeminded women so you can thrive in your business and life.

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Danielle McDonald, The Clarity Architect & Founder of Brands of Colour

With 20 years experience of coaching and mentoring leaders, Danielle is proactive in seeking and implementing innovative ways of engaging teams to improve commitment and productivity. She is a driven, critical thinker with an eye for detail, and a passion for fostering and supporting talent.

During Danielle’s career, she created and managed a HR function from scratch for approx. 250 to 1,400 employees across six different countries, including Germany and Belgium and developed a team of Area Trainers.

She has worked with incredible international brands such as House of Fraser, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Topshop. Her tips and advice have been featured in Business Insider, Addicted2Success, Career Girl Daily, YFS Magazine, NU People Magazine and Ms Career Girl.

Danielle’s advice to other women: “Don’t believe the hype. Reclaim your power by silencing the noise that is around you and has the ability to lead to comparison. When all that noise is silenced, you’ll find you’re able to create and develop a brand on your own terms, and become your own trend setter.”

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