‘Be about your mouth fam’ – This is a phrase you may not be familiar with but it is a colloquial term which essentially means do as you say.

There has never been a better time to build something for yourself than today, especially seeing as though the first movers have already cashed out millions on social media platforms, building apps, creating innovative businesses and upscaling and modernizing existing brands. Due to these first movers, others are now looking to try and achieve the similar success as their counterparts. They are demonstrating how to ‘be about your mouth fam’.

We have an inspired generation, understanding how important the internet age is and how their age mates are making some serious coins from posting on Instagram alone.  Individuals have consistent blog & there are products/services which didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

With all that being said, many individuals are all talk but their actions don’t match their supposed ambition. I see a lot of people talk about all the things they wish to do and not enough about how they are actively achieving their goals and dreams. We seem to live in a society of complainers. People can recognise the problems within society and within their own lives yet lack the ability to participate in change making. Now, don’t get me wrong there’s a lot of growing that needs to be done in order to be about your mouth, but, it is not impossible. I am very sick and tired of individuals “talking the hardest” about their plans and ambitious future, yet there are no actionable moves to achieve these plans.

Here are some examples of why you think you can’t be about your mouth:

I’m already too busy with life to work on my passions & ideas don’t pay the bills:

Your idea may not pay the bills now but it could in the future if you actually did something about it. Being busy has become a detrimental status to help individuals convince themselves that there isn’t enough time in the world have a side hustle/project.

I don’t want to sacrifice my free time:

First and foremost, nothing great happens without some sort of sacrifice. There are so many resilient people who are able to work around their university & work schedules to execute their ideas during 5-9. Most people start their ventures whilst in employment or the security of university and with proper time management there is time to relax, spend time with your family, focus of education, work & focus on your passions. If you want to create a brand, business, or power an idea you have to be strategic with your time; winners are not lazy!

‘I’m afraid I’ll fail:

To most, failure is a bad thing, but to success seekers, failure is an amazing part of the process. Failure allows individuals to analysis their mistakes, pivot and come back to their projects with a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t work. A great quote by Scott Cohen says “the riskiest thing to do in life is to play it safe, and the safest thing you can do is take all the risks now”. Calculated risk is very rewarding, you will fail a lot but failure will inevitably bring you success.

One of my inspirations Gary Vaynerchuk said something so real I have to share it.

He said “I tell you guys all of my secrets. A lot of people are shocked as to why I do this especially since people pay for my advice and I give it for free on the internet anyway. But the reason why I tell you guys my secrets is because 95% of you are not doing to do anything with the advice I give you.” Be About Your Mouth….

This statement left me shaken, as I experience days and weeks where I speak about the ideas I have and I frustrate myself because I sometimes like the ability to implement these ideas. Sometimes, I am not about my mouth, but I am actively trying to change that because ambition without action will result in your ideas only being a dream. Ambition with action creates accomplishment and success as long as you are working hard and smart consistently.

I encourage you today to be about your mouth not only to create the life you have always desired but to avoid living in the state of regret. The more you do, the more you reap, so put aside all the insecurities you have and start that idea, business, project & initiative you’ve been thinking about forever.

Be about your mouth fam! What are you doing to be about your mouth? Comment below.


Ama Amo-Agyei recently finished University studying Psychology At Coventry University. She is an entrepreneur, a social media marketer, a writer and the co-host of the Rice At Home Podcast.


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