Email is still a key marketing strategy, so it’s worth getting right. Read on to find out how to encourage more newsletter sign-ups to your mailing list.

The Reward

Email mailing lists are still brilliantly intimate ways to communicate with people who have expressed an interest in your business. They are already primed to become a new or returning customer. The great thing is that you now have the chance to make a bigger pitch to them. Nine in ten consumers check their emails every day, so your sales message could be the first thing they read in the morning.

An email list is your property too, you’re not ‘renting land’ from Facebook or Twitter. By communicating through email, you call the shots about what you promote, without Zuckerberg’s ads distracting your users.

Finally, email works. It just works. It is proven to convert better than any other medium. This is why marketing experts like Neil Patel and Nathalie Lussier of Ambition Ally swear by newsletter sign-ups. Just make sure you stick to excellent email etiquette.

The Problem

There’s only one thing – it’s difficult to get people to sign up in the first place. Email marketing experts Sumo report that only 1.95% of users opt into mailing lists when prompted. Ouch.

With that in mind, try these methods to bring in those newsletter sign-ups.


Advertise Your Newsletter

It seems obvious, but people need to know your mailing list exists before they can opt-in. Yes, you should stick an entry form in the middle of your homepage and in the footer. You could even try a pop-up, but make sure you don’t fall foul of Google’s mobile pop-up penalty. However, you’ve probably thought of that stuff already.

Another way to ensure it gets in front of people’s eyes to place the entry form, or a banner linking to it, in the middle of popular blog posts. If you have a few articles that bring in big views, shout about your mailing list there. You are talking to people who are interested enough to read your words; signing up for the newsletter is the next step.

Hyperlink it in the text too, you can’t promote your mailing list too much.

 Words Matter – What’s in it for Me?

How do you market your mailing list? Have you thought about the wording? If you put yourself in a customer’s position, is it an enticing proposition? Entry forms with ‘Subscribe to our newsletter’ or ‘Receive our mailing list’ don’t tell people what they’re going to get. They need to know what’s in it for them before they give up their personal information.

Tease them with the glittering delights that await them. Mention the giveaways, special deals, exclusive news and more that make your mailing list unmissable. Make it sound like they would be foolish not to opt-in straight away.

Mailing List Rewards

A great way to encourage more people to sign up for your mailing list is to directly reward them for doing so. This follows on neatly from the last point. Is there something specific to your business that you can give people for free in return for signing up?

It might be a list of resources relevant to your business and customers, it could be a 20%-off voucher or anything else you can think of. If people get something straight away in return for joining the list, it is a much easier sell.

You could also run a raffle for email subscribers with a high-value prize. For instance, everyone who signs up before a certain date goes into the draw to win an iPad. Simple, but effective.

Make it Shareable

The temptation is to want to restrict your newsletter to subscribers only. So, if you make your email shareable, people can pass it on to friends who might be interested in your business. If they like what they see, they may well sign up too, anyway. Even if they don’t sign up, they are closer to being a customer than they previously were.

Shout About Your Subscribers

Once you get to a number of subscribers that you think seems impressive, advertise that fact. Keep a running total on your website. Seeing that hundreds or thousands of other people read your newsletter encourages more people to sign up to your mailing list. It makes it seem more trustworthy and impressive. Patt Flynn is a perfect example of someone who does this brilliantly.

Have you found any other effective methods to gain more newsletter sign-ups? Let us know in the comments section. Share the love!


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