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brands of colour


Jen Scott & Jay Tav, Founders of Hustle & Heels Ladies Lunch & Hair ID

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Jen Scott

The idea of living an ordinary life has never appealed to me so I spent any spare time I had growing up pursuing a variety of creative activities that allowed me to express myself. I started off dancing ballet and tap, moving on to swimming then athletics where I held a few local titles for a while. I then went on to customising clothes which we turned into a brand called OnesCouture that
was featured in an Off-schedule show at London Fashion Week in 2008.

Following that I decided that becoming a radio show host and singer sounded like a better idea so pursued that for a while until getting bored and starting a cupcake company. After graduating university I left everything behind to start Hair-iD Virgin Hair Specialist, which has become an award winning hair extension brand that we are extremely proud of.

During that time however, we came across lot of women who wanted to set up their own businesses but didn’t know how or where to begin which quickly led to the birth of our second business Hustle & Heels Ladies Lunches. Our networking events are created with the sole intention of giving back, sharing knowledge and inspiring others with our story and the stories of other women in business. My journey so far has indeed been a crazy one, but one that has given me the freedom to be creative, grow and most importantly inspire others into action which is what I truly believe I was born to do.

Jay Tav

I was well into my journey of carving out a legal career when Jen suggested we set up a company selling hair extensions to women. I was completely against it. The art of persuasion got the better of me and 7 years, countless sleepless nights and 2 businesses later, here I am proud & eager to see Hair-iD spring into the next phase.

For me Hair-iD is about providing women with a product and service which helps them to express how they feel and who they are through the way that they look. As a result of all things Hair-iD, I’ve met some amazingly knowledgeable people in business and gained understanding and insight into what being a business owner entails.

It would be no fun if I kept that all to myself and through a genuine passion for transferring knowledge and wanting to see organic growth amongst friends, family and my wider community, conversations with Jen began to flow and Hustle & Heels was born. In such an entrepreneurial age, the importance of platforms where growth mind-set people are able to connect and grow commercially is crucial. We give women the tools they need to become self-sufficient and the impact this is having is phenomenal.

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