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brands of colour


Madeline McQueen, Executive Coach

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Madeline McQueen’s mission is simple; to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. She empowers her clients to discover the clarity they need to achieve the results they want for professional/business success. She helps her clients unlock their potential in a way that leaves that feeling empowered to achieve more.

With 28 years of sales experience within the financial services, the IT and Business Services, Madeline has a proven track record in driving sales success, including, securing million-pound contracts, building and leading sales teams and creating and developing business relationships. She knows how to manage people and processes for maximum performance and has a proven track record in coaching, consulting, hosting and speaking.

Madeline’s uses her knowledge, experience and skills to build confidence and clarity so that her client’s goals and the path to them is more easily defined and achieved. She works with business owners, leaders and emerging leaders through executive coaching and executive consulting in order to help them access their leadership greatness.

She runs Narratively Limited with her husband David McQueen which is a leadership communications company, as well as Magnificent Generation Ltd which focuses on empowering young people to achieve success in education. She has been a Trustee for a large charity Hestia and is a well-respected moderator.

Person-centred and solution-focused, Madeline disrupts your thinking so that you can achieve increased, confidence and success and be more. She prides herself on helping her clients figure out how to move on to the next level and how to embrace their magnificence




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