brands of colour


brands of colour


Marsha Powell, Founder and Director of Eve & Grace and BelEve UK

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Marsha is passionate about supporting individuals on their journey to self empowerment and self improvement, however realises that different people need different activities and tools in order to achieve their ultimate goal of being better or starting their wellness journey. Being a mother of two and a founder of another small business, Marsha appreciates how easy it is to put yourself last as well as have a non existent social life and thus wanted to create a space that encourages individuals to slow down, connect and encompasses the family, i.e workshops and classes whereby parents and children can participate together.

Eve & Grace is dedicated to delivering Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Meditation in an environment that is filled with good energy, diversity and holistic wellness for everyone. The vision is to create a community that is caring and a positive environment where people can experience shifts in perspective, resulting in a healthier lifestyle and way of being. Their brand promise is to always be inclusive; through the excellence they deliver their customers.

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