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brands of colour


Marvin Miller, Marketing Consultant & Personal Development Coach

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Marvin helps supercharge businesses and individuals to achieve goals beyond the limits of their current circumstances. He works with companies on their business strategy, marketing and leadership agenda to help develop businesses in a resourceful, creative and collaborative way. In his spare time, Marvin speaks and blogs to inspire and empower individuals to take beneficial action both personally and professionally.

My story is that I started with some disadvantages, I created some advantages, and I’m continuing to defy neighborhood stereotypes. From a troubled kid to a budding legal career, I traded it all in for the life of an entrepreneur running my own business; in addition to becoming a marketer with over 10 years experience helping other people run theirs regionally, nationally and internationally.

For the record I’m not that deep in to the 30’s club but if I seem older it’s not because of the stress of business and years of hard work, it’s the stress of being an Arsenal FC fan that’s aged me.

I do what I do because I love to grow businesses, and I love to help people to keep progressing to the next level. I believe my knowledge, skills and talents allow me to do 3 things for both:

  1. Create a beneficial advantage over the competition
  2. Respond better to threats/ negative circumstances/ adversity
  3. Dominate opportunity to make visions a reality

People are quick to tell themselves and tell others what cannot be done. I’m here to help you show you and them what can be done. I say “Your beginning is merely what was given to you, the middle is where you find your strength, and your ending will be the story of what you did with it. Together we can make it a captivating read… Unite.”


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