Mahawa Kamara is the Founder of The Soap Connoisseur. They specialise in creating Eco-friendly, skin loving organic toiletries. Using the uniqueness of plant based ingredients, products are expertly crafted through traditional and artisan methods.

All their products are uniquely created, with plant-based ingredients that are ethically sourced. They tailor their products to meet the unique need of each skin type. The aim of The Soap Connoisseur is to leave your skin feeling nourished, healthy and glowing.

Our Founder Danielle McDonald spoke with Mahawa about God, faith, being determined and the importance of doing continuous research in your business.

What are the benefits of your business doing pop-ups?

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Tweetable interview moment: “Research will underpin your business.” @mahawa_kamara Founder of the @SoapConnoisseur


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“If you want a product that is going to suit your particular skin type, we are the people to come to.” @mahawa_kamara talks about her business, @SoapConnoisseur. Listen into the interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Doing research gave me confidence to know that an industry exists, and allowed me to work on my product offering.” @mahawa_kamara Founder of @SoapConnoisseur. Are you doing research in your business? Listen into the interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Having an operating manual of my business allows for scalability, or when the time comes to scale and to grow.” @mahawa_kamara Founder of the @SoapConnoisseur. Listen into the interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“There is nothing like your customer being able to touch the product and hear what the product is about. Learn what @mahawa_kamara Founder of @SoapConnoisseur has to say about the benefits of doing popups. Listen into the interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:



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