Kimberly Smith is the Founder and CEO of Marjani Beauty. This beauty and cosmetics retailer for women of color, has a selection of beauty products curated from across the globe. The company was borne from the desire of their founders to create a space and platform where we celebrate the collective diversity of women of color. There is no one size fits all when it comes to women of color’s hair, skin and cosmetic needs.

At Marjani Beauty, women of colour can feel confident that every product was made or each service was created with their specific beauty needs in mind.

Our Founder Danielle McDonald spoke with Kimberly Smith. We talked about building her brand. Also, knowing when to take a break. In addition, going the extra mile when it comes to creating a personal connection with your customers.

How does having cosmetic products boost your confidence, knowing that every product was made with your specific beauty needs in mind?

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“You’re only one person and if you truly want to see your business  go far,  you can’t do it by yourself. You have to be able to say I need help.” Kimberly, Founder and CEO of @marjanibeautyco. Listen into the interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Actively do something beyond the business plan document in front of you that’s working towards starting the business.” Fab business advice from Kimberly, Founder and CEO of @marjanibeautyco. Listen into the full interview here: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Sometimes you have to go with whatever momentum is happening. Even if you don’t understand it, but you know something is pushing you you just have to keep going.” Kimberly, Founder & CEO of @marjanibeautyco. Listen into the interview: Via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:



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