Gary McPherson is the Technical Director of Pixeloute.Pixeloute is a digital consultancy that specialises in developing digital customer experiences for retailers and other e-commerce brands. Along with his fellow directors at Pixeloute, Gary co-founded Digitive. This is a new social enterprise dedicated to empowering under-represented young people in digital fields through training, support, experience and opportunities.

Our Founder Danielle McDonald spoke with Gary McPherson about persistence, failing and the importance of financial planning in business.

How do you use technology in your business to reach your community?

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“If you haven’t failed yet then hi, welcome, you must be new here.” @gary_mcpherson, Co-Founder of @PixelouteDS & @digitivetv. Listen into the interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

 We had money coming in at a very good rate, and money going out at the exact same rate.” @gary_mcpherson shares his business journey. Listen into the full interview here: @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Persistence is absolutely one of the most valuable qualities you can have.” Wise words from @gary_mcpherson, Co-Founder of @PixelouteDS & @digitivetv. Listen into the interview: @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“As entrepreneurs we have to accept the idea that there are going to be not just challenges and roadblocks, but we are going to experience failure.” @gary_mcpherson. Listen into the full interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

 How do you know who your audience is? Are you making assumptions about the market, or have you actually been testing?” @gary_mcpherson, Co-Founder of @PixelouteDS & @digitivetv. Listen into the interview: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“The biggest lesson was understanding how to control costs.” @gary_mcpherson, Co-Founder of @PixelouteDS & @digitivetv shares the lessons he has learnt on his business journey so far. Listen in: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:



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