Andrew Akinyede is a Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator who help small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs build their brand identities. He does this through his design studio Cakebox Creative. Also, Andrew is a digital content creator and makes YouTube videos, produce podcasts and other content. Overall, his mission is to help people find their passion, experience new things, and create their own brands. Andrew also wants to encourage people to take an active role in content creation for the purpose of building the brand.

Our Founder Danielle McDonald spoke with Andrew about selling, sales funnels, creating content for your business. Also about websites, how social media is changing and more. Andrew Akinyede is also a Brands of Colour trainer

What approach do you use to focus on producing content for your business?

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“Having sales experience has helped with initiating a conversation with prospective clients and the sales process.” @andrew_cbx, Digital Content Creator shares how his background in sales has supported him in his business. via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“You can build the prettiest website, but if it doesn’t have the mechanics behind it or a promotion strategy it’s probably not going to go anywhere.” @andrew_cbx, Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator. Listen into the interview: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Focus on content creation where you create a piece of content that builds your personal brand, builds the brand of your business and generates interest.” @andrew_cbx, Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator. via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“No one really wants to be sold to. They either go by word of mouth, or what they’ve actually discovered themselves online.” @andrew_cbx, Graphic Designer & Digital Content Creator drops truth bombs! Listen into the full interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

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