Madeline McQueen is a business woman who has been working with professionals and business owners to access what she calls their magnificence. She’s been building businesses with her husband David McQueen for the last 14 years and positively impacting others to achieve their personal greatness since her teens.  She coaches, consults, trains and hosts and has worked with range of companies including Sopra Steria, Grey London, Mars, UCL, Virgin Management, Prezzi and Investec to name a few.  She’s been married for 23 years and with her husband for 30 years, has two teenage daughters and loves to dance and travel.

Our Founder Danielle McDonald spoke with Madeline about personal development, sales, the power of asking and more.

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“When you explore yourself, you’re able to see even more in other people.” @MadelineMcQueen shares her self-discovery journey. Listen into the interview here via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

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“You can’t grow a business if personally you are all over the place. If you’re not confident in yourself it seeps into the business.” @MadelineMcQueen Listen into the interview here:  via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

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“Stay in your lane and do you, because you can only ever be the best version of yourself. You’re always a poor version of somebody else.” @MadelineMcQueen Listen into the interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

“Sometimes the person you’ve spoken to, isn’t the person who can say yes. Or isn’t the person who holds the purse strings.” @MadelineMcQueen talks sales and the power of asking. Listen into the full interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:

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“You have to get into your own flow and when you do, things start to happen.” @MadelineMcQueen Listen into the interview here: via @BrandsofColour Click the link to tweet:




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