“We have to recognise and understand that when seeds are planted in our mind, they have been planted for a reason.”

The inspiration for creating Brands of Colour came from attending the Black Lives Matter March on Sunday 10th July 2016. I knew it was time to do something more, to use my God-given gifts to make a difference to those of us who are disliked because God blessed us to walk the earth in a beautiful array of shades.

The seed was planted on Friday 15th July 2016 when I met with a friend of mine and we was talking about the WhatsApp message that went out to boycott Tesco and stop buying Coca Cola. It didn’t make sense to me for the following reasons:

  • How was the success of a boycott of that kind going to be executed and measured?
  • Would Tesco and Coca Cola really come out and say “due to the Black Lives Matter boycott our profits were down by x in the last quarter.” No, I don’t think so.
  • How was that going to help us thrive as a black community? There was no alternative links with black owned places to shop.
  • Plus why Tesco?! They actually make an effort to cater to ethnic minorities within the communities where they have stores.

It dawned on me that we would have been better off sending a message that had a link to a website that was dedicated to not only showcasing brands of colour, but helping them to grow and thrive.

I remember the words that came out of my mouth. “I don’t have time to do it….”

We have to recognise and understand that when seeds are planted in our mind, they have been planted for a reason. We are then given the choice to:

A. Take action and water and fertilise that seed to grow and flourish or;

B. Do nothing and have that seed die in the ground.

On Saturday 16th, I was with my family and told them about the idea because I couldn’t get it off my mind. They supported it and thought it was a great one.

On Sunday 17th July 2016 I messaged my sister with these exact words “f&£k it, I’m going to do it.” The rest is as they say history.

From idea to launch within 4 weeks, the vision for Brands of Colour was brought to life. This is just the beginning. The journey continues…

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