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brands of colour


Venessa Parker, Founder & CEO of ConsultNessy

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In 2015, founder Venessa Parker aka ‘Nessy’, combined her background of marketing and development with her passion for supporting others in achieving their potential, to launch ConsultNessy.

Venessa always had a keen interest in business when growing up in London. Her father always encouraged her to learn new things and this is something she has carried with her throughout her working life. In fact, it was her father’s work in Web Development that gave her an interest in learning to build websites. Venessa was inspired to see family members running their own businesses and felt a need to be creative but also find an outlet to help others.

This need led Venessa from completing a degree in Printed Textile Design with Marketing to working in Buying and finally building a successful career in the Learning and Development industry. It was in L&D where she developed her public speaking skills, events facilitation skills and found she had a talent for helping others to further their careers. However, this still wasn’t enough!

The turning point for Venessa was in 2014 when one her close friends left his corporate job and started his own business. He encountered several barriers along his entrepreneurial journey and Venessa helped by advising and assisting on business projects. Venessa loved the feeling of helping someone to achieve their own success outside of a corporate environment and realised there were so many others she could help if she just made herself known!

Since then, Venessa has advised and built websites for a number of small businesses as well as finding the time to co-found a handmade lighting business which she sold in 2016.

Venessa is on a mission with ConsultNessy! She wants to empower Entrepreneurs by giving them the tools and confidence, to run their own businesses and become economically self-sufficient. She is especially passionate about working with those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

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