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We live in a society where the need for speed in absolutely everything is on the increase… including gaining healthy, glowing skin!

Quick fixes, chemical and invasive treatments are all readily available as we look for swift turnarounds to cure our skin after traumatising it for so many years!

But what about going back to basics, and looking at what we eat to help us get the glowing skin that we so often crave?

It’s all too easy to search for the perfect cream, lotion and potion, with little time and effort devoted to finding out more about how we can address our skin issues and get that gorgeous complexion – without make up and filters (!) – through our diet.

Often times with dry skin, we tend to pack on layers of oil and cream, but abandon the nutritional value that foods such as carrots, butternut squash, bell peppers and even oily fish can add to our skin.

These foods are packed with skin renewing vitamin A and essential fatty acids that not only help our skin cells to renew with normal function, but also provide natural oils that keep our skin moist and glowing from the inside out.

Sensitive skin, skin that is prone to breakouts, or skin that has pimples and rashes are often indicative of inflammation in the gut.

Soothing and hydrating foods such as melon, cucumber and even calming chamomile tea can help to soothe the gut, whilst flushing out nasty toxins that often lead to breakouts and angry looking skin.

The world of beauty makes trillions of pounds from consumers buying several anti-aging products, in their quest to fight and defy the law of gravity, and its effects on our skin!

However, there are several everyday foods that can be used to fight the signs of aging and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Mushrooms, wholegrains, walnuts, oysters and other shellfish are just some examples of the foods that contain the mineral Selenium, and help to maintain elasticity in the skin naturally.

So you see; we do have a choice in the measures we take in our attempt to gain beautiful, glowing skin.

Although it may not bring hard and fast results; wouldn’t you rather have a beautiful complexion that allows you to stay beautiful from the inside out – skin that is manufactured naturally by your own body; rather than skin heavily reliant on laboratory based products? …I know I would!!!

Here’s three of my top tips to help you get started on your journey to glowing skin:

Aim to add healthy skin foods gradually. For example, if you’re not used to eating fruit and vegetables on a daily basis, start with at least one piece per day; rather than trying to factor in all of the daily recommendation of five pieces;

Listen to your skin! Take note of when your skin feels or looks most dry, or when you tend to get spots the most. It could be that your skin is reacting negatively to specific foods or products;

Although getting our beauty sleep is important, having sufficient rest and relaxation is also vital in supporting a healthy complexion. Stress levels reduce and skin cells are able to renew and function normally.

Remember, positive changes to your skin won’t happen overnight and will take determination and consistency on your part. But as you allow healthy eating and lifestyle choices to become your norm; your skin will react positively and allow you to reap the glowing skin that you want and deserve!

What steps are you going to take to get glowing skin? Share with a comment.

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Lori Bee MUA© is a qualified and published fashion/editorial make up artist who is experienced in working on shoots, video, runway, demos, television and film. She is experienced in providing make up looks to a specified brief and confident in working on all skin types and tones; on both male and female clients. As a qualified and experienced lecturer of health of nearly eighteen years, her ethos encourages individuals to stay beautiful from the inside, where she aims to see as many of her clients ‘live beyond the (makeup) bottle’ as much as possible; one face at a time!


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