Womanhood is a journey like no other, each and every day we discover something new and have the ability to mould and shape ourselves over time. It’s not something that can be rushed and following your heart aids everything falling into place at the right time. Like on any journey in life we embark on the ride may not always be smooth but with persistence and the right navigation, the destination is assured. In the modern day, there are so many options; bun or braids, Indian or Laotian, heels or flats, khaki or nude? These are just some of the few decisions we make in our quest of expressing our femininity and showing our confidence as women. But is this the same for all on their journey to womanhood; the qualities considered to be natural to or characteristic of a woman.

I’m the true definition of a late bloomer, I started wearing makeup three months before my 27th birthday, went to my first rave at twenty-six and until three months ago the only highlighters I owned were a Stabilo Boss fluorescent assorted pack. Throughout my teenage years when most girls were interested in make-up and parties, I was more passionate about cooking, sports, mountain bike riding and everything counter ‘girly’ culture; I was the tomboy in the group of Barbie’s. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the peer pressure (the cloud of conformity that overshadows individuality and influences individuals to follow the crowd) but I wanted to be different or even better said, I just wanted to be myself without the ever-changing standards of society telling me who and what I should be. I enjoyed the freedom of knowing that one day I would want to try new things and develop my own personal style because womanhood is a journey of self-discovery.

Confidence is like a house, it’s built over time unlike the resurfacing of a road which can be done overnight. In my younger days, I didn’t really have someone showing me the ropes and guiding me on how to grow in confidence or more importantly how to maintain it. My interests and hobbies were always different from most girls who were age but I didn’t want to sell myself out and conform to the norm so I decided to look for communities of young individuals just like myself and began to network online. I connected with people who were passionate about their interests and loved who they were, I became more confident in who I was knowing there were others like myself out there.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to never compare yourself, ever, it’s an absolute no-no! Every human on this planet is on their own path, moving at their own pace, with their own unique destination (carpooling is not allowed lol). The comparison can be a major cause of unhappiness often leaving you feeling that you’re not good enough or not meeting society’s false standard. I for one can say that at times I’ve been caught up in the hype of the false realities of the social media world and focused on what others were doing so much that I forgot I was my only competition. Learning how to love yourself no matter what stage you’re at in life is essential; whether you’re still going through the tomboy phase, practising to walk in heels or are a make-up grandmaster.

I love that womanhood is a journey with so many choices to make, we’re able to take inspiration from others and adapt it to fit into our own style; an outward creative reflection of our inner selves. Whether it be the clothes I wear or how I do my hair I remind myself daily that this journey is about becoming more of me. Without fail, I strive to maintain my focus in this loud reality TV-driven world and I encourage all of you girls and young women to create your own because womanhood is a journey, one that isn’t ‘one size fits all’.

What have you learned from reading Womanhood Is A Journey, not ‘one size fits all’? Leave us a comment below.

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Diamond London is a blogger from East London, documenting her journey of life lessons, personal growth and development into womanhood. A self confessed late bloomer, Diamond marches to the beat of her own drum and is passionate about challenging young women to create their own identity in the social climate of fitting into the status quo.


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